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General Information You Must Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair remover involves removal of hair from the body by use of a laser. It is also known as epilation which translates to removing of hair deliberately from the body parts where you don’t like it. During the process, you will have the hair removed from the part you dislike it by subjecting laser light to the tissue in question. In most cases, hair is visible at a certain stage of human growth especially after puberty. It is modest to know that many men tend to have more hair than women which tends to grow in body areas one would not like to have it. Both men and women have visible hair commonly on their eyebrows, eyelashes, head, armpits, pubic hair, legs, and arms. One tends to have the urge or desire of having hair removed from a given tissue depending on his or her desires, cultural reasons, sexual reasons and sometimes religious reasons.

To those interested to know how laser hair removal works, it involves a process call selective photothermolysis which in simple terms matches specific wavelengths of pulse and light durations with the intention of obtaining optimal effect towards a specific tissue without harming the surrounding tissues. Among the reasons as to why lase hair removal is popular includes its efficiency and efficacy. However, the results tend to be dependent on the laser operator in question. In that line, you would need to take time when selecting the place where you go for laser hair removal. While some people have thought that laser light removal is dangerous, individuals who have experienced any pigmentation changes during the process, which is very rare, tend to have their skin change back to normal after only 6 months.

You would not compare laser hair removal as it tends to be more effective. Waxing is also not a reliable way of getting rid of your hair when compared to lase hair removal. A laser light tends to be about 755 to 1064 nm hence causing no damage to the surrounding cells and body tissues. The pulse duration tends to determine whether the hair follicle will be injured or not. The moment the germ cell is dead, you can be sure that your hair is not going to grow any time soon. In a case where you go to an experienced specialist, you would need fewer sessions to achieve the expected results. However, you would need to know that every session tends to affect the hair growing at the time of the session and hence affecting their follicles with time making the hair to die. You would need to note that several sessions may be required towards completely damaging the hair in all phases of its growth.

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